Behind your Lé Silk

“We care about our planet. We care about people. We care about environment around us.”


At Lé Silk, we value slow fashion, the importance of quality and sustainability. Sustainable fashion starts from high quality and timeless designs, that is why all of our products are ethically produced from the highest quality Mulberry silk fabric. We create pieces which are not trend-led and are made to last for decades.

We know we are not perfect and have many ways to grow, yet we are proud of our sustainability in certain areas. We are committed to put sustainable development as our priority and become the most sustainable and ethical brand we can be to reduce the impact we have on the planet, people and environment.

"We have made it our priority to reimagine the whole process of producing clothing in the most sustainable way possible. We are constantly working to improve and discover more environmentally friendly ways of manufacturing."

- Jay, Co-Founder of Lé Silk


All of our garments are manufactured in a small family-run factory with more than 20 years of experience.

Our production is based on the small island of Bali, Indonesia and we only produce small amounts of goods in order to reduce excess waste and to hold as little stock as possible.

We keep a close eye on our manufacturer to make sure it is well-kept, and that the workplace is safe and all workers are treated well.


All of our garments are made of the highest 6A grade premium Mulberry silk. It is a natural fibre which is completely biodegradable and has a low environmental impact. 

Our silk and majority of our trims are plastic free.

At Lé Silk, we use synthetics only when a natural alternative is not available - for example, elasticated waistbands.

All our fabrics are sourced from World’s leading silk producer, which uses only specialised dye that is free of any harmful pollutants and are STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® certified. The certificate guarantees that all our fabrics have been tested for harmful substances and stands for customer confidence and high product safety.

“From the beginning, we wanted to create timeless designs which you can wear again and again.”

- Alina, Co-Founder of Lé Silk



Classic silhouettes, minimalistic approach, conscious materials and premium quality; these are our main focus points when it comes to design.

We believe that only simple and minimalistic designs can truly help to highlight “femina” which lives in every woman.

At Lé Silk, we focus on creating timeless and wearable designs that can last you a lifetime.


All of our packaging is made in a small packaging company in Bali, Indonesia. We use responsibly sourced materials, as natural as possible.

Our clothing labels are made of 100% recycled cotton. Our boxes are made of natural cardboard. Our tags and other packaging elements are made of natural, organic textured paper.

We reduce usage of plastic materials to the minimum and are constantly looking for alternative ways and materials to be plastic free and 100% sustainable.

Zero Waste Commitment

Our love and care for our Planet and environment around us is big. We realise that fashion industry is the second-largest polluter in the world, therefore, we believe that by implementing zero waste practices and constantly looking for the ways to improve, grow and reduce our waste, we can make a difference.

Unlike others, before we start our manufacturing process, our workers watchfully calculate every meter of the fabrics to maximise usage of the fabric in order to minimise environmental pollution and reduce our waste to minimum. We do our best to utilise our leftover fabrics to the maximum and produce “Zero Waste” products like silk scrunchies, and are looking to expand our “Zero Waste” range in the near future.