The concept of Lé Silk was born through the love for simplicity, quality and timeless designs, a passion for sustainability and things which actually last and mean something.


Founded in 2022, Lé Silk founders, Alina and Jay, set out to create the most luxurious, highest quality, feminine and, at the same time, most comfortable silk sleepwear and loungewear.

As there are so many sustainable and minimalistic design clothing brands these days, it made us think how we can combine our vision and passion to create something slightly different. We value quality sleep, sleepwear and bedding, so we thought it is a perfect place for Lé Silk to be.

“We want to embrace femininity and confidence through premium quality, timeless and minimalistic designs. We believe that simple and minimal design truly helps to highlight “femina” which lives in every woman.”

The place where the idea of Lé Silk was born - a small island of Bali in Indonesia - plays an important role. It is the inspiration of our designs, colours and materials we use, as well as the place where we produce all of our goods. 

"At Lé Silk, we create pieces which are not trend-led and are made to last for decades. This is the core of what we do."

- Alina and Jay, Founders of Lé Silk